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Cottonwood Motel

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"Lewistown Milestones"
Lewistown, Illinois Post Office by Ida Abelman - 1941


The City of Lewistown, with a population of around 2,500, is the third largest community in Fulton County. It is served by Illinois routes 24 and 97 and is within 14 miles of Spoon River College and Canton.

Lewistown was founded in 1821 by Ossian Ross and named for his son. In 1823, Lewistown became the county seat of the newly created Fulton County, which at that time extended to the Wisconsin border. The records of the first marriage performed in Chicago, that of Ellen Kinzie to Indian Agent Dr. Alexander Wolcott in 1823, were filed in the Lewistown Courthouse.

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Here is a picture of the front of our building.

Cottonwood Motel

Cottonwood Motel

805 South Main Street

Lewistown, IL  61542

(309) 547-3733

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